Indian Startups Community offers volunteering opportunities for seriously interested members to help in organizing community activities. If you would like to be part of the team, please join us a volunteer

Volunteering Manager Opportunities:

Indian Startups Community invites application for Volunteer Managers (National and Regional Chapter Level) to manage a huge volunteer base spread across different chapters in India and Overseas.

Please note that these are unpaid Volunteer Manager roles with a possibility for converting to full time at the later stages.

Job Purpose

Managers of Volunteers manage volunteer resources to assist in the delivery of the Indian Startups programs and services. This includes directly managing volunteers, and/or providing guidance, support, resources and tools to staff who supervise volunteers.


Managers of Volunteers typically help in the following areas

– Plan the volunteer program/service

– Develop and implement goals and objectives for the volunteer program of Indian Startups

– Assess the need for volunteers to enhance program/service delivery

– Conduct ongoing evaluation of the programs and services delivered by volunteers and implement improvements as necessary

– Organize the volunteer program/service

Volunteer Managers will get the opportunity to learn the following:

Volunteering Managers while helping in managing the volunteers will have an opportunity learn one or more of the following

Develop, administer, and review policies and procedures which guide the volunteer programs and services, and reflect the overall values of the organization

Develop and administer forms and records to document the volunteer activities

Identify volunteer assignments that provide meaningful work for volunteers and write the volunteer position descriptions in consultation with staff as appropriate
Engage volunteers

Promote the volunteer program to gain community support of the volunteer programs of Indian Startups

Develop and implement effective strategies to recruit the right volunteers with the right skills

Develop and implement an intake and interview protocol for potential volunteers to ensure the best match between the skills, qualification, and interests of the volunteers and the needs of the organization

Implement a screening process for potential volunteers according to accepted screening standards and practices
Lead the volunteer program/service

Train staff to work effectively and cooperatively with volunteers

Orient volunteers to increase their understanding of Indian Startups community and its services and the role and responsibilities of volunteers

Ensure that volunteers are given appropriate training to be successful in their positions

Ensure that volunteer check-in procedures are followed and records of volunteer hours are maintained according to established procedures

Ensure that volunteers receive the appropriate level of supervision Assist with conflict resolution according to established procedures

Establish and implement a process for evaluating the contribution of individual volunteers

Plan and implement formal and informal volunteer recognition activities to recognize the contribution of volunteers to the organization
Control the volunteer program/service

Evaluate the contribution of each volunteer on an annual basis

Prepare an annual report on the contribution of the volunteer program to Indian Startups Administer and monitor expenditures for the volunteer program against the approved budget

If you are interested to be a Volunteer Manager at National or Regional Chapter Level,

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