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What We Do?

At Indian Startups, we join forces with Regus to offer co-working spaces in your locality that can be booked at anytime and anywhere. Now with us the co-workers can enjoy a flawless work experience as we revamp the famous café or pubs and coolest co-working spaces in your local area to stylish rent-free work spaces. Download our mobile app to book the one for you.

It’s Time for Switching to Smart Co-Working. But You Have To Install Our App First!

Now find the Indian Startups UniCowork app on Google Playstore. Once the app is installed you are ready to join the community of brilliant co-workers.

One Pass Access

Enjoy working at any of our workspaces in your area by using our mobile app. For this, all you have to do is take MIP subscription.

Pay Per Visit Model

Indeed, with our exclusive pay per visit model the users will find the co-working easy-on-the-pocket. Now, you don’t have to panic about high rental charges.

Curated Work Areas

Our each and every workspace is curated considering the features like user-friendliness, service quality, location and cost efficiency. These are brilliantly embellished and come with all amenities.

Well-built Community

The access to advanced talent is matchless. Delight in the opportunity to interact with a strong community of start-ups, entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, etc. and build strong links.


Say ‘NO’ To Sky-scraping Rental Fees. Co-Workers Have To Make Payment Only When They Make a Visit

Plan for Just 1 Visit


Recommended For When You Need To Work Only for One Day

Go and redeem your credits till ₹200 on F&B (Note: Applicable Only at Cafe/Pubs)

Plan for 5 Visits


The trend of working from home is outdated! Co-working space sounds something fresh.

Get your credits redeemed till ₹1200 on F&B (Note: Application Only at Cafe/Pubs)

Plan for 7 Visits


Start-Ups Can Chew Over This Plan – It’s Ideal for Them!

Credits till ₹ 1500 are redeemable on F&B (Note: Application Only at Cafe/Pubs)

Plan for 22 Visits

Rs 4999

Pick this plan only when you need an out-and-out work area in major locations at extremely reasonable cost.

Redeem your credits till ₹4500 on F&B (Note: Applicable Only at Cafe/Pubs)

Switch to smart co-working

Curated workspaces for the new age coworkers.


One Pass


Book workspaces
on the go


Today, people like better choosing co-working space as compared to conventional work space. Well, don’t just go with our words, below mentioned benefits will make you believe it! You also get to enjoy an opportunity to work at trendy work zone on inexpensive pay per visit model and trouble-free booking. 

  • It Refuses Any Kind Of Brokerage
  • Make Payment Only When You Go There
  • Be the Member of Strapping Community
  • Startup Support As Well As Services
  • Redeemable F&B credits (Applicable at Cafe/Pubs)
  • Enjoy A Clear-cut Subscription model
  • Every Plan Is Made To Meet Your Budget
  • Get High Speed Internet At No Cost
  • Major Locations, Frequent events, Free Tea/Coffee for Refreshment

Through our subscriptions the co-workers can purchase flexible visits as per their need. And there is no limited validity as well. Once the co-workers are done with the purchase of subscription, they can use it to reserve an ultimate work zone that goes well with their requirements.

For your information all Indian Startups UniCowork Pass subscriptions have a particular number of visits such as 1, 5, 7, and 22 which is actually the number of times you can book any of our spaces wherever available in the country. Let’s say, if you have bought 7 visits subscription plan, then you have seven days to use any of our co-working space. And it is not necessary to use them frequently one after one. Here each day means one visit done once you have booked a space and checked-in to the location. Remember that after each use, one visit will get removed by itself from the left over visits.

On purchasing of an Indian Startups UniCowork Pass subscription, you avail some redeemable credits that are as good as cash on hand. Like so, in case, you avail hundred credits (i.e. hundred rupees), you can get them redeemed at any of our co-working cafes to buy food or drinks.

Furthermore, in case, on 1 visit, you eat or drink for about 500 rupees and your credits are of 1500 rupees, then it’ll be reduced from your credits while leaving and this way your credit balance will be ₹ (1500-500) = ₹1000 that you can notice on available credits in your profile segment of Indian Startups UniCowork Pass app. And suppose if your credits are finished before visits, then you are free to add additional credits in your wallet.

Of course, to get the work done effectively and on time we all look out for a relaxing place. And here the entire process of comfortable co-working goes as:

  • Downloading And Installing The Application From Google Playstore
  • Making A Profile And Verifying The Account
  • Deciding On The Subscription That Suits You The Best
  • Searching For Spaces On The Application
  • And Finally, Booking Your Work Area On Your Ideal Location And For Whatever Time You Need It

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